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Try Out These Makeup Ideas This Halloween!

Each year, Halloween stresses me out. Sure, I could just throw on a tiara or unicorn onesie and say “whatever” (which is probably what many people will be doing this year), but as a makeup professional and enthusiast, I have to at least do something, well, extra!

It just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do something glittery or bedazzled to my face, all in the name of gorgeous Halloween makeup!

It’s the one time of year where crazy, wild, and dreamed about makeup looks can be brought to life without anyone rolling their eyes and judging you. (Although, I also encourage you to go for a daring look any time of the year – screw the haters!)

Let me save you a long Halloween search online by giving you a few makeup ideas that I’ve gathered, plus some of my own!

The Autumnal Snow

By @hollierose.mua

One of the spookiest things around is what on earth happens to the world this fall and winter.


By @SimplySashaAnne

One of the new looks I created this year was a sorceress look that is similar to Sarah Sanderson in “Hocus Pocus”. Watch the transformation video here.

Scroll to the end for more Halloween looks from me!

Under Eye Designer Bags

By @cakefacerj

The only acceptable under-eye bags are designer ones! 🤣 

The Queen of Hearts

By @aaliyahjay

Try channeling the famous Queen of Hearts character from Disney’s classic Alice and Wonderland. Go bold with your makeup by creating the Queen’s signature blue monolid and red heart-shaped lip.

Ice Princess

By @lisamarie_murphy

Now don’t freak out — This look requires a ton of body paint, but it’s so worth it! After you paint yourself blue, DIY your own crown using fabulous Christmas ornaments and complete the makeup look with a silver wig.

Candy Cane

By @evelinesmakeup

Christmas is right around the corner. Even if you don’t feel like eating a candy cane right now, you can surely pretend to be one. Let’s get you in the holiday spirit early this year — we deserve it! You can also repurpose this one for December!

Christmas Lights

By @halloweenmakeup2020

Here’s one more for the Christmas lovers! Winning the best lights in your city isn’t easy, but winning the best makeup category is a different story. Create a curved cut crease to resemble Christmas light strings, using any black liquid liner, and draw bulbs in the color of your choice, using a tiny eyeshadow brush and NYX white liquid liner.

Check out some of my Halloween looks this year!