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Review: Serendipity Cookies & Cream Remix

Serendipity Brands introduced a new ice cream flavor, Cookies & Cream Remix, inspired by global music phenomenon BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s latest single “Ice Cream.”

The latest addition to the Serendipity Brands lineup of incredible ice cream flavors, Cookies & Cream Remix is made with pink vanilla ice cream, crunchy creme-filled cookie bites, and swirling gobs of gooey fudge. Yum! 🤤🍨

After seeing my “Ice Cream” transformation video, Serendipity sent me over a pint of Cookies & Cream Remix! How cool is that?

I couldn’t be more excited that I got to try this delicious ice cream flavor thanks to Serendipity. I love ice cream and my favorite color is pink so what could be more amazing than combining the two?! The flavor is just as delicious as it looks. It gets my top rating of 5 tiaras! Check out all of Serendipity’s flavors on their website and follow them on Instagram.

Check out my "Ice Cream"-inspired YouTube video!