The One Million Smiles Campaign Strives to Gather All the Smiles Coronavirus Has Taken Away

Sasha Anne, an entrepreneur + social media Influencer, who was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and must be quarantined due to being at risk for coronavirus, has created a way for herself and millions of others around the world to still see a smiling face every day.

On June 22nd, Sasha is launching the “One Million Smiles” campaign, which instead of raising money, the goal of the campaign is to raise one million smiles in 24 weeks.

The coronavirus is keeping loved ones apart and people who are at risk, like Sasha Anne, only see masked faces at hospital visits and doctor’s appointments.

“I never thought there would be a world without smiles,” Sasha Anne says. The almost 21-year-old bubbly beauty guru believes smiles are the perfect medicine.

Each week, a new theme for the campaign will be announced on and Sasha’s Instagram: @SimplySashaAnne to help reach the next “smilestone”.

First up, in honor of PRIDE month, Sasha Anne is calling for “rainbow smiles”. She encourages people to get as creative as they want!

To submit a photo:
• Tag @SimplySashaAnne
• Use Hashtags: #onemillionsmiles #smilesforsasha

OR submit photos via email.

All photos submitted may be used on Sasha Anne’s social media accounts, website, and in a weekly postcard that can be shared with loved ones who need some smiles in their life.

To receive the weekly postcard and get updates to your email, sign up for the campaign’s mailing list HERE.

Sasha Anne would love if you could share this campaign with your followers, family, and friends. We could all use something to smile about right now!

Watch Sasha Talk About the Campaign

Upcoming Weekly Challenges