who I Am

 I am a 17 year old girl who’s goal is to make people smile everyday! I want people to feel confident in their own skin and makeup can do the job! You obviously don’t need makeup to be beautiful, everyone is beautiful with or without. The most beautiful thing you can wear everyday is a smile! I also love giving advise on makeup and fashion and other things in life!

What i want to do

I want to be a role model for younger children and even for teens, tweens and adults. I want people to feel confident in their own skin even without makeup. I want to make a skin care line that will help girls and women who struggle with acne. People should be able to be happy with themselves and I want to be the person to help. I was someone who was made fun of in middle school for how I looked not for acne reasons but for others. So I want to reach out to people and give them advise not only on that but also give them tips and advise on how to put on makeup efficiently on a daily basis and for school if you need to wake up early and possibly have a skin care routine for the night and morning to fight or cure acne problems.

My quotes

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear"

"before you quit think about why you started"

"I want to be the reason someone smiled today"

"I want someone to come up to me and say, because of you I didn't give up"

"צריך שכל איש ידע ויבן, שבתוך תוכו
דולק נר, ואין נרו שלו כנר חברו, ואין איש שאין לו נר. וצריך שכל איש ידע ויבין, שעליו לעמול ולגלות את אור הנר ברבים, ולהדליקו לאבוקה גדולה ולהאיר את העולם כולו."

-הרב קוק


"It is important for each person to understand that there is a candle burning inside him or her. And each person's is different from each other's. And there is no person who does not have that candle burning inside. Every person should understand that he or she must act to reveal that light and to cause it to grow into a large torch and to light up the entire world."