Sasha Anne is a 17 year old high school student currently in the middle of her SATs and qualifying exams for college.

Since she was a child Sasha has been fascinated with faces and facial expressions. When Sasha was eight she was diagnosed with dyslexia – a condition that explained her difficulty and hesitation to use speech to express herself. She turned to music and art as ways to express herself. She taught herself to watch people’s faces and expressions carefully to help her understand the language they used. Faces spoke to her. Not words.

When she turned 11 she discovered makeup and made a leap from drawing faces to drawing on faces. This was it for Sasha - her “ah ha!” moment. Her world changed and she embraced this unique way of expressing herself.

At 13 she launched her own YouTube channel and reached out beyond her familiar circle of friends and started sharing her discoveries with other young girls across America. She started creating how to tutorials for different looks and exploring different products. Her following quickly began to grow and engage with her. As questions started to come in, she would take time to respond thoughtfully and advise younger girls as they tackled their own challenges. Sasha is a natural role model like a caring big sister.

“My goals are to make people smile when they see my videos, learn something and use it in their everyday lives. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, I want to be the reason someone’s confidence increased. I want people to say I didn’t give up because of her.”

Launching her own cosmetics company is a dream come true for Sasha. Her goal is to build confidence and inspire young girls to “MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE”  Her sensitive and thoughtful approach drives her desire for social good and inspired her to donate profits to OperationProm to help make even more dreams come true.